Mary Frances Natural Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Bio


Mary Frances is a natural born medium.  She has possessed her psychic clairvoyant abilities since early childhood, but for most of her life she ignored them while working at an occupation and raising a family.  Later she began to realize that she could use her abilities to help people seeking answers, closure or comfort in knowing that their loved ones are still with them.  She did not know the extent of her abilities and wanted to learn how to use them properly and gain more control. She enrolled in a formal two year mediumship training program conducted by highly skilled professionals in the field of mediumship.  While doing readings during the course of her training, she discovered her mediumship abilities far exceeded what she had ever imagined.  Mary Frances has given countless in-person readings to clients at psychic expos and in private settings.  Mary Frances can give mediumship readings to clients by phone, remote readings via e-mail, private in-person readings and gallery style readings at parties.  Mary Frances’s training and certification assures you that the readings she provides will reflect the highest ethical standards in mediumship providing a positive experience for you the client.  If you would like to receive a message from Spirit, click on the link below to schedule a reading.


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