Mary Frances, Certified Psychic Medium

Psychic Abilities

I would like to provide you with some more information about myself and my mediumship experience. I am what is referred to as a natural born medium. I have had psychic clairvoyant abilities since early childhood. A number of years ago my abilities started becoming much more in the forefront of my life. I was getting a strong message that I should use my gift to help people seeking advice and those people needing messages from their loved ones in spirit. To learn more about my gift and how to use it a  professional manner, I enrolled in the Mediumship Mastery Program at the Inner Compass Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio. After completing over two years of training and graduating, I was tested and evaluated on the professionalism and accuracy of my readings by other professional certified mediums and was subsequently awarded the title of Certified Medium.

Psychic Reading Experience

In addition to my certification I have given many in-person readings to clients for over two years at the Victory of Light Psychic Festival in Sharonville, Ohio. I have also given numerous readings in private settings, by phone and at gallery style readings events. You can be assured that when you receive a reading from me, it will adhere to the highest ethical standards in mediumship. If you would like to receive messages from your loved ones in Spirit or need advice on your life, love or relationships, please use links below to get an instant reading or schedule a reading for a later time.

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