Expectations for a Psychic Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading

It is extremely important keep an open mind during a reading. While you may have certain expectations about connecting with a particular loved one in Spirit, you may not always get exactly what you are expecting. It is very important to understand that the medium is only a messenger and not the message. The medium has very little control over the content of the message. It is also important to understand that Spirit decides when and where they will come, not the medium. Please understand that while Mary Frances will try to connect with a specific loved one, this may not always happen. Giving any other information to the medium besides your name is unnecessary. Allow the information to come through from Spirit. This type of reading is meant to connect you with loved ones who are in Spirit and/or your Spirit guides. As the reading begins, it is best to remain silent so as not adversely influence the message that Mary Frances is receiving. As the reading begins, Mary Frances will start receiving identifiers such as names, descriptions, incidents, relationships, or anything that might be meaningful to you. She may ask if you recognize them. Please only answer yes or no at this time to the questions and avoid giving any other information. This will assure the greatest accuracy of the reading. Do not be too quick to dismiss something that comes through. Some things may make more sense at the end of the reading, or full understanding of the message may come later. Try to relax before your scheduled reading. This will create a better atmosphere for the reading and will make it easier for Spirit to come through.



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