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Professional Psychic Medium Phone Readings

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Hello and welcome,
I am Mary Frances, a full time professional certified psychic medium.  My mission is to provide you meaningful advice on life, love and relationships and give you messages from your loved ones in spirit.  If you would like to schedule a phone reading 24 or more hours  in advance, schedule a same day reading or get an instant reading, please use the links below.  Blessing of peace, love and joy.

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Psychic Medium Phone Readings

Psychic phone readings work in the same manner as in-person readings and are equally effective. Psychic phone readings are available by appointment in the United States and Canada.  You must be at least 18 years old to receive a reading.

Comments on Readings

“Mary Frances is a true medium and a beautiful soul.  I had the most amazing and quite perfectly accurate reading that took my breath away.  I believe my loved ones led me to her and I am so glad I contacted her. She was able to accommodate me immediately and I am forever grateful.  She is so kind with her words, relays messages in a clear and loving manner and allows you time to ask questions.  Thank you Mary Francis for connecting me with my parents and mother in law and look forward to our next reading. With your gift, I was able to receive love and peace from my parents. God Bless”  Kathy H.

“During my reading with Mary Frances I received a message from my son that died suddenly seven years ago. The physical description she gave me was unique to him. The message she gave was a personal healing messages, very specific, accurate, uplifting and helpful. The message I received provided answers to questions and closure. This was my second reading (the last one was a year ago), I will have another reading in the future. Thank you Mary Frances.” Toni W

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