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Mary Frances is an exceptionally gifted natural psychic medium providing valuable advice about life, love, relationships and messages from loved ones, pets, angels and guides. Her natural psychic abilities and certification, ensures that you will receive a professional, accurate and meaningful reading. Schedule a reading today. You must be at least 18 years old to schedule a reading.


Phone Reading – Phone readings work in the same manner as in-person readings and are equally effective. You have your choice of a 30, 45 or 60 minute reading by appointment.  Phone readings are available in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, & the U.S. Virgin Islands.

* Save $15 on 30 minute reading, $25 on 45 minute reading and $35 on 60 minute reading. Special Rates apply during October.

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20 Testimonials on “Psychic Clairvoyant Phone Readings”

  1. My Grandmother & Grandpa were contacted. It was helpful. It made me feel better on a bad day. Mary Frances was wonderful answering my questions. My mind is now opened to even more possibilities. The reading was very calming. Thank you so much Mary Frances.

  2. The personal confirmations were accurate. The reading was my first one ever. It was current and relevant. I enjoyed my reading very much.
    Thank you Mary Frances

  3. My Mom and Dad are together now and that is very comforting. My Dad gave a message to me that was very personal and healing to me. Every detail was clear to me so I knew it was them. Thanks Mary Frances.

  4. In my reading I got closure. My Mamaw and Papaw came through, it was very clear it was them, I received messages only they would know to say to me. It was very healing, accurate, personal and specific. Thank you Mary Frances.

  5. I received comfort knowing that my Grandma is okay now and that even though she can not be here with me in body she IS with me in spirit. The messages were personal and gave me guidance. Mary Frances has a soothing ambience, I was at ease during the session. It was the first reading I have had in my life. She was very respectful to me. Thank you Mary Frances, much love.

  6. The reading was insightful, and gave me hope for the future. Mary Frances gave names and dates connected to my Mother and grandparents. The connection to my Mother impacted me most. She did an excellent job addressing questions during the session. I enjoyed the experience. I’m hoping the information I received can ease my mind and help me move forward to a more peaceful and happy future.

  7. Mary Frances has relayed messages from spirit for me. Members of my family and my sister who passed almost 13 years ago. She has a great gift. She can hear,see and feel with great confidence and you know she is communicating with your loved ones. Thank you Mary Frances!

  8. I too was a non believer when it came to mediums, thinking it was all made up and hog wash. Then I met Mary Frances she welcomes you at first and makes you feel at ease. She then will begin with a prayer and from there begin to tell you things only you will know. I walked away feeling refreshed and loved, knowing that my loved ones were still with me even though I could no longer see them. I will return and see Mary Frances again, she is wonderful. Thank you Mary for what you do.

  9. I have had several readings from Mary Frances and they have always been very accurate and meaningful. With my scientific background, I was always a bit of a skeptic when it came to the metaphysical things such as mediumship. However, after receiving messages from loved ones who have passed and information about my spirit guides and messages from them, I am no longer a skeptic. Mary Frances’s psychic and clairvoyant abilities are truly amazing.

  10. I have had a reading by Mary Frances and was very pleased with what she told me. She said something to me that no one would have known. I like the way she says a prayer before she starts her reading. She has a very soft kind voice, and very good at what she does. If you are thinking of having a reading, I sure would have her be the one to give you that reading.

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